Monday, April 13, 2009

King Size Afghan

I finished my afghan last night. I started this three years ago and have been working on it sporadically. It was originally a present for my boyfriend and I was finally able to give it to him. It's obviously not perfect...there's a major seam issue and if one looks close, they can see I didn't actually make the ends meet. But because I'm not selling it, I'd like to think the imperfections give it character.

I'm actually really proud of finishing this. This is the only crochet pattern I know how to do right now, but I have plans to learn more, even if I have to self teach with some online sites. I spent alot of time working on it while watching movies to keep both my mind and hands busy. I used a 5.00 mm needle for this one. The one I'm working on now, another old project that's turning into a long term thing, uses a 3.75 mm needle, so it'll be interesting to see how different they turn out.
If anyone knows of any good crocheting and knitting sites, hook me up.

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