Friday, April 3, 2009

New Apartment Ideas

We’re under two months before we move into our new apartment, and my nesting instincts are raging. I keep coming up with things I want to try, décor ideas, even color schemes for the new place. I’m trying not to go overboard, but it’s so easy to plan things only to be disappointed when the things in my head don’t necessarily work out the way I want.

It’s hard for me to keep my ideas on hold. SpringPad is great for making lists, and Jon always seems open to a random email from me about the thoughts running through my head. Still, having to wait to do these things is driving me mad.

For instance, my newest thought is to nix the dresser idea all together and go with colorful storage totes for under garments and socks. I’m all about saving room, especially since we want to put at least two of our snakes in our room. I have to get Jon in on the idea of hanging up a good portion of his clothes. This might be easier since the bedroom in the new place actually has two closets, one for each of us. I’ll need more hangers.

I’m also batting around the idea of getting rid of our bedroom TV. Sleep experts basically say not to have one anyway, and even if we want to watch something, we both have laptops that will play a DVD. We would keep the one in the living room. This will leave us with an extra TV and an extra DVD player, both of which could be sold on Craigslist. I may take the extra DVD player to my parents though. I think they need one.

My planned color scheme has already changed for the living room and the kitchen since getting a rather large haul of apartment stuff off Craigslist. That’s cool though…I’m rolling with the punches and I think the new scheme will be a lot more warm and earthy than the original. At the moment I’m having a hard time holding off on answering ads for furniture, even though we already have enough things to get us started.

This weekend will involve a little more packing, possibly getting rid of one of our TV, and maybe moving out the borrowed dresser we’ve been using in order to make more room for packed boxes. The more I get done now, the easier June 1 will be.

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