Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday is the New Friday

Because of the holiday weekend, today is my last day of work for four glorious days. I love long weekends. The plan is to get some things done around the house, get some knitting done, write some things I've been putting off, and completely recharge for next week.

Unfortunately, my hands are hurting today. Carpal tunnel and/or arthritis are making me fairly miserable. I've taken ibuprofen, but it's not like I can rest my hands when my job involves typing and writing. This may put a damper on all my knitting plans too, which really stinks. But I'll keep trucking. Maybe if I just take tonight to rest them I'll be okay for the rest of the weekend to use them.

I'm also going to try to get some new pics up of knitted objects. On Sunday, J and I are going to the Konza Prairie Reptile Show and I should have alot of pics for those of you not creeped out by scaly and slithery cuties. After that is DnD and a planned Applebee's's been too long.

On that note, hope everyone has an awesome weekend and a great holiday!


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