Monday, February 21, 2011

Late Valentine's Day Dinner

As is our general way of doing things, Jon and I did nothing on Valentine's Day. We waited a day and then went out to dinner at Cox Bros. BBQ here in Manhattan, KS.

I love BBQ. It's tasty, it's messy, it's tangy, and it's delicious. I hadn't really found a BBQ place around here that I really liked. Okay, I hadn't found a BBQ place at all. Cox Bros showed up a few months ago and this was our first time visiting.

Cox BBQ is like the fast food of BBQ with higher prices than say the McRib at McDonald's. However, the prices are worth it for the taste and the amount of food you get. The meat was tasty and tender. I had brisket and turkey, both of which I've had tough and dry in the past. They were awesome. I also sampled all of the BBQ sauces, but I still don't know which one was my favorite.

I avoided ribs, and therefore eliminated the messiness, but we still had a good time and a relaxing evening out.

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