Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working on Getting Some "Class"

I've thought on and off over the past few years about going back to school. I never did decide what I wanted to be when I grew up after I realized that I no longer wanted to be what I thought I wanted to be (does that make sense)? In a nutshell, I wanted something different than what I went to college for, and so I've kind of been wandering around, falling into jobs I like but that have very little to do with my original major.

When it came to school, I was burnt out by the time I was done. Actually, I was burnt out before that, and my priorities were not what they should have been. I was in my first "real" relationship and wanted to immerse myself in that rather than paying attention to my grades. Even though I came out of it with a decent GPA, I realize that I could have done better. I just didn't.

I don't actually want to go back to school. I don't like early morning classes, I don't like lecture classes, I don't like studying. There are things I want to learn, but let's face it. I'm a lazy hedonist. I'd rather read fun books and knit and watch TV than crack open a book and do homework. Even with the abundance of online schooling now offered, I've never really gotten up the motivation to go for anything further with my education. It's cool...I'm okay with it.

However, I've decided to take some classes through my work, and I'm kind of excited about them. A co-worker of mine inspired me to do it when she told me she was taking some. Since we're employees, we get a tuition waiver of sorts, so we can up our knowledge of the industry we already work in, though we work from the sidelines. It's interesting to see what our field staff actually does in their day jobs.

I also like the thought of having a little more knowledge under my belt and maybe having some new opportunities down the road. It's not a field I ever thought I'd be in, but I think it's one I could do well in if given the chance. So technically, I'm back in class. It's online courses, and the first one I'm taking is a 60 day course. I'm trying to do some time management when it comes to studying and taking the review tests, and so far I'm doing okay.

If anyone has any time management tips, class taking skills, or words of encouragement, send them my way.


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