Friday, February 25, 2011

Ode to a New (to us) Car

My old car, Francesca, was a good car. She got me all over the place: Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Kansas...back and forth between these places several times. But it was time to move on, and Jon and I decided to go ahead and make our first big married couple purchase together in our new car, Cassiopeia.

Cassi is a Chevy Impala. When we went to the dealer, I wasn't wanting another sedan, but this one was more of a super sedan. It sits high enough off the ground to be comfortable, it's got an auxiliary port for an iPod, it's got room in the back so we can travel with others, it has a huge trunk, steering wheel radio controls, cruise control, and dual temperature controls.

Best of all, she fits in our budget, thanks to the great people at Suzuki of Wichita. Even though we were there for 8 hours, they found us a good car, fed us tacos (no kidding...there was a taco bar in the car dealership), and helped us get financed.

Here's to many more travels and many good miles in our new car.


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