Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goodreads: Agnest and the Hitman

Agnes and the Hitman Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I’m still working my way through Crusie’s novels, and while I have a couple at home yet to finish, I had heard good things about “Agnes and the Hitman,” so I decided to spend an evening at Hastings just to read it. Mission accomplished.

Agnes has a lot going on in her life. She’s trying to write a column to follow up her cookbook success, she’s trying to get her fiancé to move into the house they just bought, and she’s trying to put on a wedding for her best friend’s daughter in order to keep the house they just bought. On top of that, people are trying to take her dog and an old friend of hers has sent a hitman out to protect her.

Shane’s already in the middle of an assignment when his uncle calls him back to his hometown to keep an eye on Agnes, but in time, he realizes that his assignment actually connects with what’s going on. Not only does he have to keep Agnes safe from something that happened years ago with the local mob, but he also has to keep her from killing anyone else, namely the grandmother of the bride who’s hell bent on keeping Agnes from having the wedding at her house so she can get her house back. Plus, there’s Agnes’ reputation for beating her exes with frying pans.

I enjoy the collaboration of Crusie and Mayer a lot because they both add great things to the story that the other seems to feed off. Besides fun romance, you get some action suitable for a man flick. As always though, the characters are a little bit strange, but fun, and you tend to love them or hate them. And when you hate them….you really really hate them. Definitely recommended to Crusie fans and romance lovers.

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