Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodreads: Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down Don't Look Down by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
For a book that was actually supposed to be a quick read, this one took me forever. Not because it was bad. On the contrary, like the rest of the Crusie novels I’ve been reading, it was pretty enjoyable. Some books just seem to stretch longer depending on what’s going on at the time with life.

This one was another collaboration between Crusie and Mayer; in fact, I believe, the first one (let me know if I’m wrong on this). Lucy Armstrong has been asked to direct a movie after the death of the previous directory by her ex-husband. The movie seems to have taken a different direction from the original script, however, and several action scenes have been put in at the end. The lead actor has even brought his own military stunt double on set, J.T. Walker.

Between Lucy’s niece seeing a ghost in the swamp, a CIA handler contacting J.T., and a weird assortment of random incidents, things start getting wonky on the set. Something’s not right, and the action scenes in the movie aren’t a coincidence.

The plot unfolds nicely as an action mystery, and of course we have our main love story between Lucy and J.T. There’s also some cute side characters, like the niece and J.T’s friend Rene (who would be good in another story should one come about in the muses of the authors...again, if I’ve missed it, let me know). One thing that sets this apart from the other ones I’ve read is that while I disliked a few of the characters, I didn’t feel as hateful as I normally do…not quite getting that “want to reach into the book and beat them all up” feeling.

The book was all about a fun read, and since that’s what I had, I can’t really complain.

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