Monday, June 6, 2011


I did an article for AC on Brickside Brewery recently, but I thought it deserved a mention on here too. Since this is a personal blog, I can take it from a little more personal angle.

People who know me know I'm really bad with keeping in touch with friends. It's nothing personal, I'm just sort of selfish like that. I tend to get wrapped up in my life and let past relationships fade. Thanks to Facebook, I can now keep up with friends from the past, even if it's just with a comment or a "Like" here and there. While I tend to complain about Facebook, it really is good for staying in the loop about what people are up to.

Jason and Jessica were friends of mine from college. Jessica was one of my sorority sisters, and we lived together for a summer (along with some other friends and sisters). I think the first time I met Jason was during an outside smoke at some event at the Cisler Center, and though I have alot of memories about Jessica, I always remember she was the first person to ever get me to try gaming (I was fail in that first attempt and had no idea what was going on).

When I found out they were opening a brewery, I was really excited! They live in Copper Harbor, MI, way up in the UP with their family. Kudos to them anyway for living that far up north, but they both seem to love it there. The winters kicked my tail, but they seem right at home. Unfortunately, this means I have no idea when I'll get up there to try their stuff, but it's definitely a goal.

I also wonder if I can talk them into sending me some brew through the mail. Beer of the month club, maybe??

Please check out the article and interview linked above and visit their Facebook and Kickstarter pages. I'm excited to see how this venture is going to turn out for them and I'm sending them all my best wishes!

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  1. I was about to suggest seeing if they could mail you things! Nothing says "I'm your buddy from days of old now mail me liquor!" like getting mailed beer and or food!