Friday, June 17, 2011

To Focus or Not to Focus

When it comes to a "successful" blog, the collective "they" say that focus (or a main theme) is one of the most important aspects.  It makes things streamlined and helps others find you. If you write mainly about knitting, people searching for knitting blogs will find you, and your chances of cultivating a blog following are greater.

I have no focus. It's not for lack of trying. I used to have three or four different blogs, each one dedicated to a different aspect of life: living frugally (which is hit and miss for me), cooking and baking (about the same), and knitting and writing. After trying to do that for awhile, I decided it was just easier to put them all in one main space.

Essentially, that eradicated any focus this blog would have ever had on a consistent basis.

There are times I regret this. There are times I wish I could just find a topic and stick with it. But I'm not sure if I could continue to blog if that was the case. I get bored easily. As it is, I haven't exactly kept the posts on this page strictly to "hobbies." I tend to go off on tangents and ramble about things that don't actually mean anything to most people.

I've fallen into the habit of making myself the center of the universe and believing that someone out there might care what I think.

I like to think that The Hobby-Go-Round gives me the chance to connect with friends and family and maybe a few random readers who I don't know but would like to get to know better. I often get comments on Facebook and I sometimes get comments here (which I'm not always good about responding to...and I realize this could alienate people...and I'm sorry I kind of suck at that aspect).

It also gives me the chance to keep a record of life in general. No site on the internet is foolproof. This site could crash at any time and take with it all of these posts and all my thoughts and pictures (pictures are backed up, though). It's a chance I take. I had a regular journal that I wrote in for a couple years. A dog got ahold of it and there went all those "written" memories too, so nothing is guaranteed.

Let's not forget the fact that it gives me the chance to write.  Which I love to do, even if I can't write a full blog dedicated to just writing.

I don't anticipate much is going to change with this blog. It'll continue to be as random as I am and it will continue to jump topics and hobbies the way my mind does. What won't change though is the gratitude I have towards my friends and readers who continue to "read" my droning on about anything I can think to drone on about on a regular basis.

You guys are my enablers, and I love you for it.

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