Friday, June 3, 2011

Finding Balance

I struggle with balance, and not just the kind that would allow me to stand one one foot without falling on my face. I have a really hard time leveling out all the areas of my life at one time. When I'm doing well financially, it means I'm sitting in a chair focusing all my attention on writing, budget balancing, and reading frugal living blogs. The minute I start exercising, I end up completely forgetting I have a checkbook and start focusing on ways to stay motivated.

The same can be said of my hobbies. I'm an all or nothing sort of girl, so knitting holds no interest when I'm really into a good book (or several good books). Likewise, if I'm feeling the writing bug hardcore, I tend to avoid reading. When I'm intent on finishing a video game, I completely forget there's an outside world, and when I got on a knitting marathon I end up with sore, swollen fingers.

I want to learn how to keep things even so I don't burn out and I can keep busy with a range of different things rather than just one or two really intense interests. For instance, a month ago I was all about writing. Now? I haven't written an article in days. However, there is hope. The fact that I'm actively writing and scheduling posts for this blog attests to the fact that I'm at least trying to balance things out. And I have article ideas...I just have to start writing them.

I managed to maintain a good balance over my long weekend. I finished two books. I did some ChaCha. I finished a bunch of overtime. I played a video game (Naughty Bear...didn't like it). I watched a lot of TV but during that time I managed to patch up some clothes and catch up on some internet stuff. I made it to the gym and spent time with friends. While I didn't do much writing or knitting, I still feel like I accomplished something.

What's the secret to balance? If anyone has any thoughts, I'd like to hear them.

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  1. The secret of balance is that there is no balance!

    I do the same thing. You give me a video game that I get really into and you may not see me for a while.

    You give me a TV show to watch and I love it? Then I'm going to spend every chance I get watching more episodes of it!

    Craft time? Well, once I start that its all over, I'll tote my crap everywhere with me. Honestly, do I really need to drag a bag of crafting things with me when I'm just going out for a day trip? I know I'm not going to find time to do it!

    Standing wise I'm much better with balance, not the best but I can sort of stand on one leg and pretend to be a tree if I focus and make faces like this =|

    And money balance... we won't go into money balance... lets put it this way, if it came down to buying food for my house or spending money on something fun or a present food doesn't win.