Friday, June 19, 2009

Back in Groove

Now that the first meeting for Relay for Life is done, I’m back to feeling gung ho and motivated for this again. We have our theme picked out…”Footloose”…and it seems as if our fruit sale is going okay after only two hours. Our biggest seller is bananas. Haven’t done a money count, but it’s looking good. I’ll be extremely happy if we can get rid of all the fruit we bought today. I’ll be even happier if we run out due to high demand.

Tomorrow, Jon and I are taking a day trip to Salina to meet someone who wants to buy some Magic cards from him. I’d like to get an early start to the day and just have a serendipity adventure…no planning, just checking out what looks like fun and browsing around the city. Having never been to Salina except to drive through it, this should be an adventure. It’ll also give me a chance to take some pictures. We’re working with a tight budget, but I’m fully of the mind you can still have a nice day on just a little bit of money.

This means I might have something exciting to post on this blog in the next day or two. Here’s to hoping.

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