Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear ATnT

I’d like some clarification on what it takes to be a customer who actually receives competent service.

Several months ago, we ordered to DSL. After being told we’d be hooked to internet and waiting a week for it, we were given the “Oops! Sorry, we can’t install at your address” line. It wasn’t the fact that you couldn’t install the line that bothered me, though that was pretty irritating in itself. It was that your system not only gave us the wrong information, but no one bothered to call or email us when the “glitch” was found. My guess is that the “glitch” wasn’t found until we called you on it, but what do I know?

Against my better judgment, we decided to go through AT&T again for DSL after we moved. I didn’t expect much this time around, but I suppose a little part of me thought that maybe the first time was a fluke and things would run nicely this time. We were told that our internet would be hooked up on May 28 so that it would be ready when we moved in. It didn’t really come as a shocker when we didn’t have internet on June 1, nor was I surprised when my fiancé was told it had been hooked into the wrong apartment and it would be a week before someone could come out to fix it. The new date was June 8, 2009.

Today is June 8 and we still don’t have internet. After being told a tech would be here between 8am and 12pm, my fiancé called to see if they could pinpoint a time. He was told that the order didn’t go through and now they wouldn’t be able to send anyone out until June12.

Seriously? I can’t believe that one of the biggest chains in the nation could care so little about customer service and competency. Then again, maybe I can. Maybe for some reason, we’re the only ones who have issues with you. Maybe everyone else gets great service from AT&T and for some reason you’ve decided to make all your mistakes in this one little area of the world.

The first time we had issues, you obviously didn’t care. This time around you don’t seem to care either. That’s fine. Obviously, as one customer in a sea of millions, we’re not your top priority. It seems that customer service isn’t reallyy our top priority either, but I’m sure you’re doing the best you can, especially if you’re making it a point to screw over as many people as possible. Screwing is a tough business these days.

I’m not sure if actually talking to someone there is going to help since every other time we’ve talked to someone they make it clear that they’re doing nothing more than reading from a script. Since you’re so good at keeping up with things, I’m sure we’ll have our internet on Friday…because golly gee, AT&T is right on top of everything! Of course if we don’t, then we’ll go the other a route. While I do prefer DSL over cable, I also prefer to work with a company who doesn’t jack me around every chance they get.

So thank you, AT&T, for all the hard work you put into frustrating this small portion of your customer base. I know I’m not important, nor is the work I do through the internet…not important enough for you to actually use some intelligence when getting addresses right and making sure orders go through.

Keep up the great work.


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