Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good-Bye to the Citrus Scarf

On Monday, I started knitting lessons. They’re very informal as a friend of mine is teaching me things beyond the knit stitch (the only thing I could do really). I’ve managed to catch on to purling pretty well, and I’ve started combining my colors a little bit. My first little project was going to be what I had named the Citrus Scarf due to the colors. It was a K1 P2 rib stitch in green, yellow, and orange and it was coming along swimmingly.

And then I messed up. And guess what I don’t know how to do yet? Fix things. My friend showed me how to do it, but I learn by doing things repetitively. Not only could I not figure out exactly where I messed up, but when I tried to fix it, I messed it up even more. Then, because I was tired and a little out of it (I really shouldn’t try to knit new things after giving plasma), instead of waiting to take it to her for help, I just frogged the whole thing. Then I was depressed.

Not wanting to deal with it, I tried another project. Had to frog that too. It was not a good knitting night for me at all. However, I’m feeling better today and ready to tackle it again tonight. Unfortunately, I’m also having issues with my camera, so I’m not sure if I’ll have pics up on the blog for a few days. I think I’m getting a newish one off Craigslist this coming weekend, but it depends on a lot of things…money, whether the person sells it to someone else before I can get the money, and whether they even get back to me about it. So we’ll see.

I’m going to tackle that citrus scarf again. It will not get the best of me!

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