Thursday, July 16, 2009


Besides my previous dabble in fan fiction (which I may or may not do again in the near future), I hadn’t really shared my writing with anyone since college. Sure, I posted my NaNoWriMo for people to read, but there’s a difference between entertaining the internet and getting actual feedback for something.

Last night was our Writers Meeting and I was armed with one of my current writing projects, a fun fluff story/novel called “Highest Bidder.” Romance is one of my favorite things to write, not only because I’ve read so much of it in my life, but because the actual act of writing it is fun for me. I love all that cutesy mushy gushy type stuff, and this is the genre my past few writing projects have centered around.
The only thing that makes this one different is the importance of dialogue, and I was a little worried about conversation overkill between my characters. I’m proud to say though that my work was met with positive feedback, some great constructive criticism, and some good laughs. While the humor played out in my head as I was writing it, I was highly pleased to see that it translated to other people.

Once I get this done, I may take on a few beta readers for feedback. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even try to get this one published.

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