Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Scarf Projects

I'm currently working on two different scarves, mostly for practice. My Pink Lady scarf had originally been intended for a silent auction at the Relay for Life. Then Phinn got ahold of it and I decided not to go that route. I actually gave up on knitting it for awhile, but decided to finish it, or at least try to finish it for the Miss Relay 2009 contest at the walk (fyi, a guy from our team has to dress up as a girl. We have a candidate in our guest walker, Jon's younger brother).

At any rate, I'm glad I started it back up. The stitch is simple as it's just knitting a garter stitch scarf. The challenge is in knitting the black and frou frou pink at the same time. It's hard to be precise in my knits, so it's full of mistakes, but because of the thickness of the joined yarns, there's only one place I can really see the dropped stitches, and that's where the puppy got to it.
Talk about soft though. I've never been a pink girl, but I'm definitely tempted to keep this one for myself.

The second one is more of a practice scarf, but I like the colors alot. I'm using a pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation for a drop stitch scarf. It's helping me practice the yarn over, which is insanely easy, and the "on purpose drop" to get a nifty looking pattern.

The pattern is called "Yo! Drop It" but because of my modifications I gave it my own name. Not going to lie..."Drops of Jupiter" was based on a knitting night conversation that was less than elegant, but the name seems fitting for the way this one looks. It won't keep anyone warm in the winter. I used stashed thrift yarn that seems to be lighter weight and gives the scarf almost a lacy look (my opinion, not knitter expertise). And unfortunately, my edges are extremely ragged. However, I know a few people who might appreciate this as a gift.

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