Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Planning Commenced

While sitting at work the other day (working hard of course), it suddenly hit me that I’m getting married in less than a year. While I can’t wait to be married, I’m not a fan of the wedding planning. Unlike other brides, I’d just as soon elope or have a quick ceremony with no fan fair. However, that’s not going to be the case. Jon wants to have some sort of ceremony and though I don’t like the stress of planning a wedding or having an ultra huge soiree, I do like the thought of sharing a special day with loved ones.

So we’re doing it simply and frugally with the help of two of my co-workers who’ve offered to help with the wedding planning.

I’m happy to say that our venue has been chosen. One of said co-workers is offering up her property for both the wedding and the reception. I realize this means we’re going to have to a) pray for good weather and b) keep it small so as not to have to cram a whole guest list into her house like sardines if it rains. The area is pretty and out of the way. Her husband is going to set us up a sound system and the reception is going to be a potluck/BBQ. While I know many people look down on this sort of thing, to me it signifies good, laid back times and a low drama get-together.

I’ve also found a dress. The trick is to find someone to make it cheaply, to my size, and with a few tweaks to make it suit me more. Until I get it made, I’m going to hold off on posting pictures, but hopefully soon I’ll have an idea of what’s happening with it.

Jon’s doing invitations and a guest list in progress is being worked on. Keeping it small will be the trick here. I don’t want people to feel slighted, but our budget is very low and the “venue” is relatively small.

My goal? Keep this whole thing as stress free as possible.

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