Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Biggest Loser 8 - Episode 2 (w/ spoilers)

Two nights later I finally got around to watching this week's episode of TBL while the rest of my TV watching friends are watching "Survivor." My poor mom even called to tell me she didn't know if she could handle Evil Russell this season, which is strange because my mom usually gets a kick out of that stuff. But enough about that, more Survivor stuff tomorrow if the planets align correctly.

I bring you tonight's recap from my corner chair with a heating pad under my neck. Not sure what I did to it, but here's to hoping it's better tomorrow so I can function at work and maybe get some stuff around the house done.

Allison told the contestants at the beginning that if they lost a combined total of 150 pounds, they would keep everyone on campus for another week. If they couldn't, two people would go home. Sean mentioned that week 2 is always the worst for weight loss, so I have to admit, I was thinking two people would be going home. Where's my sense of "Go team?" Lost somewhere with my neck mobility tonight, obviously.

Mo stepped up into the coach role to get everyone motivated to work together. I like that guy.

During their first trainer session, Bob took half the group to workout, and Jillian took the other half for what seemed like an information session on weight loss. It looks like they were in the recovery room, since some of the contestants had ice packs on. I think they need to show more of that room, and I think it's a good idea to have those moments where the logistics of weight loss are explained.

What hasn't changed about TBL? Product placement...tadah!!! Product placement and the pimping of TBL merchandise was pretty major this episode. Jillian pimped the TBL calorie counter book and food journal. Bob brought out The Biggest Loser protein powder. And Curtis Stone introduced the BL food scale during the challenge. It's fairly annoying, especially because the things are bound to be expensive. My advice: if you're going to use these things, buy cheap.

Mo went and saw Tracy at the hospital. I find it a little disturbing that she's still in the hospital after all that time. You'd think they take her out of the competition and either bring back Alexandra or a back-up contestant. But she did end up back at the ranch in the first half hour. She didn't elaborate on what was wrong with her other than to say that "It was serious." Of course it was all blamed on being overweight/obese, and while I don't contest that it played a factor, I'm pretty sure being told to walk a mile when you've been inactive for God knows how long played a big factor as well.

As much as I didn't like Alexandra, I could understand everyone's frustrations at Julio who didn't seem to be pulling his weight. It was funny watching the orange team watching Julio as he sort of sauntered into the gym, grabbed some water, took a leisurely stroll up the stair stepper. In the competition, I can see why he's irritating, but that's sort of how I've been feeling at the gym lately.

The first BL quiz was a nutrition quiz based on Curtis Stone's presentation. The prize was a fifteen pound advantage at the weigh in, which made the 150 goal seem a little more obtainable. The group was going strong until the green team missed it. Then the red team missed it. The blue team stepped up and made the fifth point so the team won their prize. I was left with a craving for raspberries with dark chocolate.

The challenge involved contestants having to get everyone safely across balance beams to rafts. They had to work as a team, and the challenge would be over if just one person fell off. At least they split the prizes up by raft, so it wasn't an all or nothing prospect. I still had visions of someone falling off two minutes into the challenge. Lucily, even with Allison the Obnoxious never shutting up, they won the challenge: another 20 lb advantage and phone calls home (phone calls home always make me cry).

Jillian and Bob are always good for a buzzkill. They reality checked the group's excitement over their advantages, which I think is justified but still kind of a bummer.

If it was mentioned last week, I'd missed the fact that Shay's mother was a heroin addict. I know she had some issues with her, but I hadn't realized that's what it was. Another heartbreak story. I hope the good things about TBL help her get past that.

Besides Bob and Jillian looking swanky in leather at the weigh-in, the groups did really well! Of course the pink team fell short. To be fair, they are smaller than the others. The group made their goal even before the last team weighed in, and that was kind of nice. Elimination tends to be tedious and over-emotional, so it's nice for the viewer to get a break too. In the end, they beat their original 150 pound goal by five pounds.

Not one of the most exciting eps ever, but enough to give me warm fuzzies for another week.

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