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Goodreads Review: Faking It by Jennifer Crusie

Faking It Faking It by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
So many things are faked in this book, that it truly was aptly named: art, orgasms, personalities...if those three things weren't enough to hook me, the fact that this is yet another fun romantic Crusie read would have done the trick.

Tilda is an artist stuck reproducing classic works as murals for people to help pay the mortgage and take care of her family. Said family consists of her crostic word puzzle addicted mother, her sister with two personalities, her eccentric neice who has bad taste in men, her sister's ex-husband and his boyfriend. While she loves her family, Tilda is settling for what she has to do for them, all the time sitting on top of several family secrets that include forged paintings from her ancestors and her own secret stint in the forgery business.

Davy Dempsey is after his money, a nice chunk of change that his financial advisor stole to help Davy's ex-lover, a gold digging ex-porn star. His plan to take back is money leads him to hide in the ex's closet where he meets Tilda, who's trying to steal back a painting that could get her and her family in alot of trouble. Davy agrees to steal the painting for her, only to grab the wrong one.

This couple is highly appealing in the fact that they aren't perfect. Not only do they both come from criminal backgrounds, they don't fall into each other's arms and have great sex the first time around. In fact, the first faked orgasm is what gives the story alot of heart and alot of humor.

I didn't hate the "evil" characters in this one, though I loved the good side characters and their own little romances that Crusie through into this story. Towards the end, I realized that Davy Dempsey is the brother of a character from one of her other novels, which I have yet to read but feel the urge to spend another evening at the local bookstore to immerse myself in.

Fun read, great author, and definitely recommended.

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