Friday, September 18, 2009

Survivors, Ready? Go!

Season 19 of "Survivor" started this past week. First of all, it doesn't seem possible that there have been 19 seasons, but time flies when you're having fun. Actually, it wasn't always fun. There were a few seasons I couldn't get into, and a few I couldn't finish, but this one could be pretty good. At least it has potential.

Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched it yet, but want to, then stop here.

The teams are in Samoa this year and rather than a lengthy team selection process, the tribes were already selected. In the yellow corner, we have Foa Foa, and in the purple corner, Galu. I don't know what either of these names mean, but does it matter? They're so fun to say...Foa Foa Foa Foa...Galu Galu Galu Galu. Based on this first episode, my guess is that the producers had an agenda with their selection process.

I will ignore race card discussion, but it was played at the beginning. It'll be interesting to see what stereotypes are broken by the end of the game.

As far as team first impressions go, love Galu, hate Foa Foa. My Survivor watching pal this season (who needs to give me something fun to call her *hint hint*) agrees with me, though she admits that she doesn't yet know enough about Galu to really know who she does and doesn't like. Galu seems to be really supportive of each other. Good Russell (named as such because there is an Evil Russell as well) is already a good leader and the team seems to have bonded with the exception of Shambo, an ex-marine. While I like her, she definitely has outsider potential. Foa Foa on the other hand is already fighting and has a few trash talkers on the team. Their lack of bonding wasn't helped by Evil Russell, who claims to be a multi-millionaire only playing the game to show how easy it is to win. He's like a gremlin...he emptied the canteens and burned some guys socks in the first episode. He's also proclaimed himself to be the Puppet Master, and while he will be the guy to hate, he has player potential because if Survivor has taught us anything, it's that the bad guys usually stick around the longest.

I half expect him to win and give his winnings to charity. Sounds strange, I know. But wouldn't that be crazy? The guy everyone hates turns out to be really decent in real life? It could happen.

I was bummed that Foa Foa won reward, though it didn't do much for them really. They got fire. I was stoked when Galu won immunity. They also got fire, and they didn't have to go to tribal council. As always Mr. Probst stirred the pot ("Sooo...what's going on at camp? *wink wink nudge nudge*), and the most of the team went along with Evil Russell's plan and voted out Marisa, who reminded me of a flower child. I hadn't yet decided if I liked her or not, so I don't really feel any loss that she's gone. I thought she was going to cry when she got voted off though, and I felt bad for her.

Yet Unnamed Survivor Pal has this to say about Ep1:
"Early front runners for fave contestant for me are Jaison, Mick, and Betsy. I like the purple tribe better than the yellow, but I don't know enough of the purple players to know faves in that group yet. Russel the Villlan is truly the guy to hate this season - but he is so blatantly a goober I find him more annoying than anything. Has to be a plant by the producers to stir things up or something, because he is just SO over the top evil. Of course, he will probably be around for awhile to keep the pot stirred up."

So far, she and I are in agreement on pretty much everything. If Foa Foa has a saving grace character at this point, it's Betsy, who already has her suspicions that Evil Russell is up to no good. I'm already a fan of Good Russell, but with this only being the opening episode, everything is subject to change...including my opinion.

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