Saturday, September 26, 2009

Survivor 19 - Ep. 2 Recap with Spoilers

I'm pretty sure everyone else has already seen this episode. I'm a couple of nights late due to finding other things to take up my time with, nothing productive really. I did get some dishes done, so that was cool.

My mom, who is pretty hardcore about Survivor, called me the other night to tell me she didn't know if she could wach this season because of how much Evil Russell gets her blood pressure up. I hear her pain. It's probably not right that either of us gets so worked up over a silly reality show, but we do. Survivor especially makes me hateful.

Betsy seems to have a pretty good idea of how slimy Evil Russell is, which means she'll probably get voted out relatively quick.

Russell went to find the immunity idol before there was even any clues out, and he actually found it. I find it interesting that of all the people who ever watched Survivor and then played, no one else went looking. Or maybe they did and never found it, so their searches were edited out for time. I know Evil Russell is going to piss me off, but let's face it. Unless you're superman and can win all the challenges, you really do need to be vile and sneaky to win this game, and so far, he knows how to play the game.

The first challenge was for both immunity and reward and was a Survivor version of basketball. I rooted for Galu. I like that Jeff had to actually tell them they were getting too rough. Nice officiating, Mr. Probst...I wonder if there was a possible lawsuit issue since it seems that in the past they would have encouraged that sort of thing. Ben from Foa Foa went out for playing rough and Galu won (yay!) the challenge. Ben didn't have much to say. I may actually dislike him more than I dislike Evil Russell.

The twist in the challenge was that Good Russell got to send someone from his tribe to Foa Foa to observe. He sent Yasmin, who was given a private message from Jeff, probably about the whereabouts of the immunity idol. Is Exile Island going to be in this season? Does anyone know? I didn't hear anything about it, but they may have gotten rid of it this time round.

Medical was brought in to look at Mike because he was having a hard time breathing. His blood pressure was low and the doctor had to pull him from the game because his heart wasn't handling it well. The tribe had been sort of gunning for him anyway, so he might have gotten voted out eventually. Even though Mike was going home, Jeff told them they'd be going to tribal council anyway.

At Galu, Shambo lost the snorkel mouthpiece and didn't catch fish. That on top of the fact that she'd already alienated herself can't help her game.

Yasmin didn't so much as observe as walk into Foa Foa camp to throw her weight around and tell them they all sucked. WTH? That seemed to be a pretty bitchy move. (She reminds me of Tara on "True Blood" after she jumped her own personal shark). If she flips and gets stuck in Foa Foa, they're going to vote her out. Then she cornered Ben to give him crap for one of his moves during the game. It's official: Yasmin is freakin' annoying. I think I might like Evil Russell more than her too!

Ben: "I think Yasmin is pretty close to being a hooker." That wasn't very nice, Ben. Hookers can be very nice people when you give them a chance. Hooker comments aside, Ben moved up on the hit list when he spent all night beating sticks with a knife (not a euphemism) and disturbing the rest of the tribe's sleep.

At Tribal Council, Ben didn't seem to redeem himself to Jeff by calling his game rules "pansy." It's official, Evil Russell would get my vote over Ben (and probably Yasmin). Betsy went home and I'll give Evil the credit here. Foa Foa is not rating high on the intelligence scale, so when he pulls the strings and screws over the rest of them, they deserve it.

Next week's Galu yoga session looks entertaining. If Jaison and Mick can get rid of Evil, then they'll have proved to be infinitely smarter than I gave either of them credit for. I like them, but once again, there seems to be an intelligence lack.

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