Sunday, August 22, 2010

Future Projects

I decided to take some Buffy watching time to organize my next few knitting projects. I anticipate that I'll be finishing the Jaywalkers tonight or tomorrow night and I wanted to have something on deck to start.

The two giant skeins of yarn are for my winter project, an afghan. They were originally designated for a double knit scarf but I'd hibernated that project for a long time and ended up frogging it as something I wasn't really into. The afghan should be a fairly mindless project which will be nice for winter TV watching. It's acrylic, but I love acrylic afghans because they soften up the more you use them and they wash well.

In the bag is a ball of softer acrylic for the Diagonal Lace Scarf and a skein of merino like the one you can more clearly see in this picture for the Thuja Socks I want to knit. They're for man socks, but I like the pattern so might just keep them for myself.

The small pinkish ball with the cable coming out is for the August dishcloth KAL at Rachel's Knitting Room. The KAL started, but I haven't started yet. I tend to wait until the full pattern is up and then do it all at once without looking at the pics so I'm happily surprised at the finished project.

Of course, this is just what I'm planning. Who knows what projects will automatically pop up randomly and beg to be done.


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