Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gencon Day 1: The Day of the Dungeon

Just so people don't think I'm purposely off, I do tend to interchange "GenCon" and "Gencon" because I've seen it spelled both ways. Feel free to let me know what the correct spelling is, but bad habits are hard to break, so I guarantee nothing.

Thursday was an early morning because PG and I were scheduled for our first True Dungeon event just before 10. We met in a designated spot (beneath the beholder was pretty popular with everyone) and turned J and Other J loose so they could do whatever since she and I were the only ones doing this one.

After checking our bags and getting our tokens, we found our table. Unfortunately, the rest of the party had taken the PCs we'd planned for, so we had to do some quick changeups. I played the Barbarian and I think she ended up being the cleric, though I can't remember for sure. We made our way through several puzzle rooms and a couple battle rooms. Unfortunately, we failed at two puzzles but made up for it later when we solved another puzzle without taking any damage. We were unable to solve the final puzzle too, which meant we didn't get any bonus loot, but we did get XP and treasure for getting through it.

From there we met up with J and Other J again and grabbed some lunch in the food court. This taught us a lesson: don't hit the food court at noon. Then it was a quick trip to the dealer's room, the first for PG and me. the Js had been hanging there for most of the morning. The room was crazy with dealers and con-goers all over the place.

There was even an appearance by the Tardis, so of course I had to grab a shot.

The other two events of that day involved general gaming. The first, however, was cancelled, so we ended up just vegging in the empty room for a few hours. I was able to get some more knitting done while others in our group played L5R or looked over the things they'd either bought in the dealer room or scored in their swag bag. After that, we got our Nascrag team together. We decided since we were all "True Blood" fans to call ourselves Team Bill, not because we're particularly fond of Bill, but because it gave us an excuse to yell out "Sookah" when they called our team name. Round 1 was a blast. We had to stay in character and try to get through the encounter quickly. PG and I played twins with southern accents, Other J played an amazing character, and everyone else rolled with it beautifully. Even the DM said we were a blast to play with. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Round 2, most likely because it took us a long time to solve one of the puzzles. We were bummed, though later it turned out to be a good thing for J and I. I did snag a pic of all of us right after the game, including Andy, our sixth player who ended up being a fun guy and a great sport! (yes, I cropped myself out of this. It's a me thing).

Some of the group headed to the Brazilian BBQ for dinner, but at 30 bucks a plate (all you can eat, but seriously, believe it or not, I can't eat that much) it was a little pricey for J and I, so we went to Steak N Shake with Other J instead. It was definitely worth it. The food was good, and for both of us to eat a meal plus share a dessert, it was a really cheap meal.

That night was my second True Dungeon event. This one was planned so our whole group could do it together. I went Fighter for this one since I'm much better at basic combat in general than I am anything else (though I do enjoy playing a caster every now and again). We managed to get most of the puzzles, though we missed the first and last ones. I'm surprised we did as well as we did. It was close to midnight when we started and after one when we ended, so we were all a little brain fried and exhausted. We didn't beat the dragon, but we weren't alone. I think out of all the teams that went through, only two beat the dragon, so most of us goers were defeated.

This was our busiest day and we felt it. True Dungeon proved itself to be something we're definitely doing next year.


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