Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Socks

I finally finished the first of J's Angler Loop Socks and we're both pretty happy with how it turned out. I really love the cabling on this one and I love the texture of the yarn. I did make a few mistakes, including reverting to the heel flap pattern of the Jaywalkers instead of following the pattern and a few wrong twists in the cabling itself. J says the heel is a little too low, which means I didn't quite make the heel flap long enough. But he still thinks they're comfortable, and since he generally hates socks, this is a plus.

The Jaywalkers are coming a little bit slower. I'm finding that after the softness of the other socks, the Felici yarn almost feels rough. That doesn't actually deter me, but the roughness seems to make the knitting go slower. Also, since I have the Jaywalker pattern memorized, I consider those my "travel" socks while I keep the Anglers at home to make pattern reading easier. (Once I finish that part though, they're both coming with me to GenCon so I can work on them at random moments of knittery).

I shortened the cuff but not too much. The BIL wanted a long cuff but I'm hoping these will work for him. I think they're going to be really cool socks once they're done.

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