Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gaming: A New Article & Freeport

My newest blog article is up at F1337 Command, so yes, I'm going to take a second to pimp the site and the article. It's a fairly new site, but we're building a following and working towards more things there. Right now the focus is on DnD 4th edition, but there are some good articles and expansion is in the works. Check it out, read some articles, comment, and let me know if you have any feedback or ideas I can pass on.

Last night was our Pathfinder Freeport game, which started out as 3.5 DnD and was just recently converted to Pathfinder. I don't mind the new system so far, though I'm still a little confused as to some of the different terms. When it comes to the older systems, I generally just do what I'm told to do and stick with characters I know how to play, namely fighters, rogues, and rangers. Before the conversion, I was playing a mermaid cleric. The mermaid was because the ongoing "joke" with J and I was that he'd never let me play a mermaid. So the friend who is running this game, PG, said I could play mermaid in her campaign. It was great in theory, until I found out the system caused her to take some pretty harsh penalties to her defenses when on land (in hindsight...duh!) and that I wasn't really cut out for the old system cleric position. Sure, I got to turn some undead and that was pretty fun, but for the most part, I struggled with it and wasn't having much fun.

I'm now playing Phelia, an elf ranger bounty hunter who's joined up with the rest of the group to find and eradicate a cult and locate Lucius, a monk who's been possessed a couple times and has started an underground fight club. Now our PCs are getting ready for Swagfest, a two week festival in Freeport. Phelia had a few takedowns last night. This is actually my first stint as a ranger and so far I'm really liking it.

The gaming night also brought ice cream cake provided by PG and at least three inches done on the Jaywalker socks. Saturday gaming night goes hand in hand with knitting for me and CV, a fellow player and knitter.

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