Saturday, August 14, 2010


MHK got hit with a big storm yesterday afternoon. The power went down at work and we had to evacuate to the central hallway when rumors of tornado sirens started (I say rumors because I never actually heard them). After I left work, I realized that it wasn't just a minor scare. True, there was no tornado, or at least not one I'd heard of. However, the winds were strong and caused alot of destruction here.

All the traffic lights were off due to power outages, trees were down everywhere, and a few of the cars in the Hastings parking lot had smashed windshields from things the wind threw at them. The drive home was interesting. Luckily, we had power at our apartment, though our internet was spotty.

You wouldn't know there was a big storm by how nice it is today if it weren't for all the trees and branches on the streets and sidewalks. It definitely looks like a disaster zone, even if there wasn't a true tornado.


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  1. That's crazy! Last night we had the hint of a nasty storm here -- it rolled in fast, but it never really fell hard.