Saturday, August 14, 2010


"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is one of my favorite movies. It's been hailed as the "Rocky Horror of our generation" but it stands on its own content wise. Like RHPS, it's gained a cult following and shadowcasts have sprung up all over for the show. Audience participation has become the norm at these showings, and Repo has become not just a movie, but a full experience.

During Gencon, I got to see the first shadowcast show by Indy's Surgen Generals. This small group of fans put on a great show, even though they were limited in space and actors. With only a small cast, they acted out several scenes with awesome energy. Friday was my tired day at the con, but watching them totally revved me up again.

One of the more unique parts of this cast was Blind Mag, played in the Surgen Generals by 9-year-old Kitrena Stebbins. Though the youngest member of the cast, she had no trouble keeping up with the rest of them and stole the show in "Chase the Morning" and "Chromaggia."

I also got to meet Spooky Dan, who was able to come for the SGs' first appearance.

The Surgen Generals will be putting on their first full show hopefully sometime in February. If you're in the Indy area, I highly recommend attending their show. I'd be there if I lived closer. I'm hoping to see this troupe again at Gencon next year.


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  1. Fuck yes! these guys are amazing. I know most of them personally in life as close friends. And while I am not a huge part of the cast nor was - I am proud to have played a small part at one point in time in helping Madison (Shiloh) as much as I could. That woman is my inspiration - I love her to pieces.