Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Kitchen: Bubble Pizza

It seems like I posted this before, but I had a request for the recipe so I didn’t think it could hurt to share it again.

The original recipe can be found here

I love bubble pizza, though when I talk about it, I think people confuse it with bubble tea (which I’ve never had). I’m not a fan of a lot of veggies, so Jon and I just claim half each. I get meat on my side and he throws some mushrooms and olives on his.

The biscuit crust gives it a really good taste, and I found out this past week that it makes good leftovers. Unfortunately, I did come across a small part of biscuit that hadn’t baked, and I have a really hard time with raw biscuit dough. This doesn’t normally happen to us, though.

In the past, we’ve also substituted ground turkey for the ground beef. It’s one of those easy recipes that you can mix and match ingredients to make it more or less healthy.

Let me know if you make this one and what you think!

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