Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writing: Self Promotion - Creative Writing Edition

In order to manage my time a little more effectively, I'm already abandoning the Saturday and Sunday editions of this blog. This isn't to say I won't still be doing self promotion and sharing, but I'm just going to schedule them into the regular 3 day a week schedule.

Jon and I are doing some hardcore cleaning and purging of the junk in our house, and while going through some old notebooks, I found copies of the literary publication from college. "The Blurb" took art and writing from LSSU students and published them twice a year. A few weeks ago, my mom requested that I publish one of the short stories that had been published in The Blurb on AC so she could share it with some work friends.

I went ahead and republished the short story and two poems.

The Memorial - A woman goes through the motions of a having a memorial for her husband. It doesn't sound like much, but my mom requested it and it's not a bad story. I did make some changes from the original draft, but the point is the same.

Women's World - Though I don't think it was my original intention, this poem is pretty sapphic and saturated in lesbianism. However, I think it talks more to new experiences and the intense, uncomfortable feelings chance encounters can invoke. No matter which way you take it, I think this is some good writing.

Porn Industry - I don't have an issue with adult films. I do, in fact, think they have a valid niche in society. But I don't glamorize them the way some people do. This poem was meant to be a humorous take on what really goes on behind the scenes.

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