Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selling HandKnit Items

At the time of this post’s conception,  I’m getting ready for a yard sale with some friends from work. Besides the massive amount of stuff we cleared out of our apartment, I’m also going to try to sell some of my hand knit items.

The plan is to lay them out and sell each at $5.00. To some, this may seem really cheap. Others probably wouldn’t spend a dollar on a hand knit item much less five.

I listed a bunch of stuff on Etsy, but only sold one thing, which I hear is fairly normal for Etsy newbies.  I could have relisted, I just got lazy. I’ll probably post things in the future as I make them, but we’ll see.  I’m getting rid of a lot of yarn at this sale and am now down to just two totes of the better yarn I have in my stash.  

I have some really cute stuff. I have some pretty scarves, nice hats, and even a pair of hand knit fingerless gloves I’m going to let go of. Not all of it is functional. Some of it is just to look pretty. Some of it is…in my opinion…complete junk.  I wasn’t even going to put it in the sale, but Jon made a good point.

You never know what people will find appealing.

It’s all going in, and then maybe I’ll have a better idea of what people like to buy.  What doesn’t sell will make great gifts and beyond that…I guess I’d better start preparing my own line of winter fashion.

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