Friday, April 8, 2011

Productivity Vs. Depression

Sunday depression has normally been the conclusion of an otherwise pleasant weekend. I know it's back to work the next day and I dwell on what I didn't accomplish over the weekend.

Weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, which is good in theory. I, however, tend to over relax, then feel guilty because nothing was accomplished. Even though I'm lazy by nature, I still beat myself up about what I didn't get done.

These past couple weekends have brought forth no Sunday depression. If anything, I've been feeling good about Sunday. I'm not dreading Monday morning, nor am I lazing around wondering where the time went. In fact, the last couple Sundays have been pretty good to me.

The difference in my weekends is that I'm spending time on both days writing. Since I changed how I thought about it, I know feel like if I can get writing time in and articles submitted, I'm utilizing my time well. If I log several hours, I don't feel as if my weekend was wasted. I feel good and ready to tackle the coming week.

I wonder if this is a sign of being a workaholic, if people can't live without that sense of productivity. If maybe their depression is also linked to how much they do and so to avoid that depression altogether, they just never stop "doing."

For me, I don't think I'm to that phase. First off, I get joy out of writing, even when I have to research, revise, and take criticism. Second, I'm still lazy. I just took two nights off in a row to do nothing but watch movies and play video games...not a characteristic of a true workaholic.

As long as I have something that keeps the Sunday blues away, though, I'm going to continue to use it.

The extra income and notoriety are perks too.

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