Saturday, April 2, 2011

Self Promotion Saturday

Happy Saturday, my little band of blog readers. Hope the week was good, that dreams were made, eggs were broken (for delicious french toast, of course), and life made the lemonade for you.

It was a fast week for me, though I have to admit I fluffed off more than I probably should have. I took two nights off in order to watch Tangled and play "Saw" on the XBox, which isn't going so well since I can't seem to manuever in the dark or get through crazy closing blades.  But who doesn't need a night or two off, right?

"Sucker Punch": Sexy Images Make Up for Lack of Substance - We went and saw "Sucker Punch" last weekend. For a movie, it was just okay. Then again, maybe I was just tired since we went to the late showing. However, the scene with the giant Samurai set to Bjork's "Army of Me"? Epic.

Five Tips for Preparing for an Outdoor Wedding - I wrote this one around the time when I was actually planning for an outdoor wedding. I opted for the courthouse ceremony instead, but I think the tips are still valid. Maybe. Hopefully.

Six Sources for Creative Writing Material - Yesterday kicked off the start of Script Frenzy, so in honor of the 30 day event, this is an article I wrote a couple years ago when I was harnessing the power of my creative muse for some serious fiction. Or not so serious fiction, depending on how you look at it.

Also, Miss J. Peach was the winner of the Starbucks card! She doesn't have a Blogger account and so isn't a follwer here, but I lured her into my super scary cult of article followers. I plan to hold another drawing next month, so let me know if I can add you to the drawing bin.

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