Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Biggest Loser 8 - Episode 3 (w/spoilers)

When I finally got around to watching this week's TBL, two days late, I was already in a really bad mood. It was a Murphy's Law kind of night. On top of that, both my mom and my friend had some pretty strong words about one of the contestants on TBL, so I was almost wondering if this was going to be a bad idea.

The first decision the contestants got to make was whether they wanted their trainers or a 2lb advantage at the weigh in. Shay made a good point when she said that 2lbs was nothing compared to what their trainers did for them. I had to agree. But good ole Tracey jumped right over, took the 2lbs, and didn't even consult her partner. Already my friend's "crazy bitch" assessment of her was right on. For someone who'd been in the hospital for a week and was already at a disadvantage, she's not really playing with a full deck. When the trainers came in and made her feel like a dumb ass, the look on her face was pretty priceless.

Oh yeah, between my mood and her stupidity, I wanted to see her cry. Big time. She did and yes, I had satisfaction. Sort of. Just a little bit. And Bob's guilt trip was priceless. I would have loved someone to just kick her in the leg (oh my God, I really shouldn't blog these things when I'm in a bad mood).

Abby was down to pool activity due to shin splints. She had a good attitude about it and is one of the few contestants I've ever seen who has any perspective on life. Of course with what she'd been through, that's not surprising. It also put her in position to be part of Bob's Product Placement for Yoplait Yogurt. It's so good to know that anytime I'm feeling a bit sore, all I have to do is eat yogurt and life will be all happy sunshine again. TBL needs to lay off the PP moments.

At the Temptation, Allison told the teams that only one of them would be weighing in for the team, and the winner of this challenge would get to control as to who's weight would count. She threw out big words like "ULTIMATE TEMPTATION" and crazy ass Tracey was starting to scare me. The winner would be the one who ate the most 100 calorie cupcakes than anyone else. The brown lady (I don't know her name) said that having control this early in the game was not a good idea since it would put a target on their back.

Antoine of the red team had one cupcake, then Tracey started chowing down. Twenty minutes into the show and I'm ready for her to be gone. If the looks from everyone else say anything, they're ready for her to be gone too. Jillian did a little screaming afterwards, which was fun. I wanted to see more Tracey tears.

Green team won immunity (yay!) and then everyone went to Tracey to find out who she was putting on the scale and once again, she got all crazy. What is it with crazy purple people? Last season and now this one. Total nutters.

At the weigh in she said she wouldn't make the same decisions because of the stress and alienation. Mo wanted to try to support her and Jillian called bull on Tracey.

Considering that everyone had a good week 2, it was to be expected that week 3 would be crummy. Rudy on the blue team lost over 10 lbs and for someone who wants to play the game, Tracey didn't play it smart when she chose his weight to count. Common sense would have told her he's a larger male, so the chances of him pulling bigger numbers are better. When the pink team came up, Tracey chose Amanda after she said she wouldn't, which was a bitch move completely. She pulled the same crap on the orange team which put them below the yellow line.

Tracey was so clueless. She said there was nothing wrong with playing the game to stay longer, but Bob said it best earlier when he said that game players don't keep the weight off.  During her weigh in, she lost 11 pounds. Bob went to clap and stopped immediately, and no one else clapped because...big clue here...she's playing a crap game and no one likes her. This pushed the red team below the gold team. Both teams were awesome and I totally saw why my mom was so pissed off.

The red team, during their plea moment, actually said that they both have strong support systems at home while Shay doesn't. It was a very cool thing of them to do, and everyone else listened and voted them off. I hope they get to individuals quickly and boot crazy ass out of the game. I want Mo to stay though. It's not his fault he got stuck with a psycho for a partner.

The after story: Sean lost 120 lbs. Antoine lost 105 lbs and the big secret of Alexandra's crush was revealed. Okay, they make a really cute couple, I have to admit it. These guys will be fun to see at the finale.

Did my mood improve? Not so much. Maybe if someone had punched Tracey...or given me a Yoplait yogurt....things would have turned out all rosie.

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