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Goodreads: Out of Control by Suzanne Brockman

Out of Control (Troubleshooters #4) Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
If there was any question after I read one of the later books in this series, this one clinched the fact that I really need to read all of the Troubleshooter books. I like the way Brockmann writes, I like the characters, and I love the mental movies these books give me.

In "Out of Control," Savannah van Hopf goes to San Diego to find Ken "WildCard" Karmody. Having known him in college (and having more than a passing crush on him), she believes the Navy SEAL to be the perfect escort to Indonesia, where she must go to free her uncle from ransom demanding terrorists. Her plans take a different turn when she sleeps with Ken before telling him her intentions, and when he finds out, the start to a beautiful relationship turns sour...temporarily.

Despite his anger and hurt, Ken accompanies Savannah to Indonesia, but they're barely off the plane when things get crazy. They find themselves in the jungle, surviving and staying out of sight of the bad guys until they can get to safety. Of course, being alone in the jungle together sets the perfect stage for "getting to know you" dialogue and alot of sexual tension.

The book follows three other main romantic plot lines as well. One is told as different characters read the autobiography of Rose van Hopf, Savannah's grandmother and a double agent for America during WWII. Another is the interaction between Molly, a missionary, and Jones, a man who has to hide his past because he betrayed a big name drug lord. And then there's details about the relationship between Alyssa Lock and Sam Starrett, which has the feel of a continuing story line and which I know continues because it's alluded to in "Hot Target," the other Troubleshooters book I've read.

"Action" heavy books tend to lose me in the details, but this one was hard to put down. I do believe I need to go hunt up the first book and make my valiant attempt at the whole series before the year is over.

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