Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Coffee and the Starbuck's Taste Test

If you're a coffee drinker and/or a Starbucks fan (and I know I have friends who are either or both), then you may already know that this weekend Starbucks is having a "taste test" for their instant coffee. It goes until Monday, so get in there if you want to check it out. I'm horrible about passing information along, since I've seen that this was going on for two days and didn't really give it much of a thought.

This morning I went to Dillons for some bread and dishwashing liquid. Our main store has a Starbucks inside and I noticed the blackboard that advertised the test, so I asked about it. Starbucks is handing out samples of their instant coffee and along with that they're giving out two coupons, one for $1 off their instant coffee and one for a FREE tall brewed coffee on your next visit.

I like Starbucks, but I'm usually more about their creamier drinks, like the caramel macchatio or their frappuccinnos. I tasted one of their more "exotic" brews one time in Oklahoma City and thought it was horrible. But I realized today that I don't think I've ever given their standard coffee a chance and lately, I haven't been craving the frou frou drinks, I've been craving black coffee.

The barista let me take two sample pouches each of Columbian and Italian Roast. Instant coffee gets a bad rap but if I want to drink coffee at home than that's what I use because we don't have a coffee pot, and I know that the minute I break down and buy one, I'm not going to want coffee anymore (Murphy's Law of Amanda's Interests and Cravings).

I tried the Columbian with 8 oz of water rather than the 6 oz for the weaker brew and really liked it. It tasted like, caffeinated, ulcer inducing coffee. So now I have coffee at home for today and next weekend and a coupon to get myself a store brewed tall on next Sunday's inevitable trip to Dillons....all for the win!

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