Friday, October 9, 2009

Television Watching

Besides “Survivor” and the “The Biggest Loser” which I recap on this blog, I’ve also started watching a few other things. I’ve already talked about “Wire in the Blood” probably more times than people appreciate, so I won’t re-hash anything there. One of my all-time favorites in “The Amazing Race,” which I’ve been watching but I decided not to blog the episode recaps since it usually takes me a week to watch the previous episode.

I’ve also started watching “Glee” and “Flash Forward.”

“Glee” is a cute show. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, it’s about a high school glee club composed of a politically correct and slightly nerdy group of students led by the Spanish teacher who’s trying to bring back the glory days of the club. While the teacher, Will, is a neat character, he’s also flawed. He makes mistakes with his students and he seems to ignore the fact that he’d be better off without his wife. Of course I’m rooting for the germaphobe teacher who is cute and quirky. As far as the students go, you have the athlete who is tricked into joining the club but actually realizes that singing is his thing, the overachieving really annoying girl who gets a little bit better by episode 2 (which is as far as I’ve gotten at press time) and the few as-of-yet-not-important but diverse group of the club.

You also have the “bad guys,” which include the cheerleader girlfriend of the singer athlete, the cheerleader coach (I love the actress who plays her), Will’s materialistic dingbat wife, and the stereotypical jocks who pick on the “nerdy” kids.

“Glee” is light and fluffy with good music. Sure, I get a little angry about the bad guys, but I suppose that’s the point. I’m guessing too that the whole “Celibacy Club” is supposed to be ironic.

The premise of “Flash Forward” is that almost everyone in the world loses consciousness for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and has a memory of the future, specifically April 29, 2010. Some people have really good flash forwards and others have bad ones. Some see nothing, leading them to believe that they’ll be dead by that date. This has caused kind of an uproar, and the agency in charge sets up a Mosaic program for everyone to log what they saw while tracking down those they found who didn’t go out in those two minutes.

This weekend will be all about catching up on these shows and maybe some other ones that look interesting. If anyone has any TV show suggestions, throw them at me and I’ll check them out.

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