Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Biggest Loser 8 Episode 4 (w/ Spoilers)

I watched this on a Saturday afternoon when I should have been cleaning or doing any number of other useful things. But hey, catching up on TV is important, right?? Ironically, before watching this week's episode, I watched Penn & Teller's B.S on obesity and I'm not going to made me look at the show a little bit differently.

The show started with flashbacks of what a psycho Tracey is and how she managed to lie and alienate alot of her team members. For the new episode, Shay called her on it. Tracey is still a psycho and has no idea what she's saying and doing. But Bob and Jillian reminded everyone that they were here for themselves, blah blah and that it was a new week, blah blah. Yeah...a new week to stomp on Tracey!

The doctor was the one who stomped on her when he told her she couldn't workout, not even in the pool. Sucks to be her. I wish I could feel sorry for her. If it was anyone else I probably would, but not her. It sounded to me like she was saying the doctor didn't want her to lose weight, which isn't quite what's going on, but she's a weirdo and you can tell she's only in it to compete.

Allison went crazy and decided to deny the contestants food. Or so it would seem. In actuality, she gave them the challenge that they had to order out every night. This is actually a really good idea and a good change for TBL to give the contestants. It mimics reality alot more than giving them everything they need to eat healthy. This announcement came with a pop challenge for people to pick the healthiest of three meals. The winner would receive a kitchen stocked with healthy meals for a whole year.

Before we got the answer, I voted C (fyi) just to see how smart I was. Creamed spinach looked gross. I was wrong, and it was A, and apparently I'm not that smart (but I'd rather enjoy a higher calorie one sans the creamed spinach). The teams who had the answer right had to guess how many cals were in it and the team who was the closest won. The pink team won because they didn't go over.

It was sort of depressing watching them order out because it didn't seem like I could eat anything good. Where's the moderation? And no, Jillian, I will not eat cauliflower. Gross.

I think it's funny that Jillian and Bob are seemingly never given a heads up on what the producers have planned. In their alleged surprise over the locked kitchen, they offered to take the contestants out to dinner. I at first thought it was going to be dinner at Subway, but they took them to an actual Mexican restaurant. They gave them some good ideas, but none of them would be easy for someone who loves food (ahem). I'm feeling very cynical this week, but alot of the tips were good, so credit is due to the trainers.

For immunity, the contestants had to hold onto a handlebar on a platform above water. Poor Shay, she had a point. This was going to be a hard challenge for her. It's impossible for me and she's got a few on me. But she hung on and oulasted several other people. I was bummed that she didn't win, but she was still awesome. Liz from the brown team was first down and her partner followed within seconds broadcast time.

It came down to Dan and Allen (orange and green), both of which I really like. Dan ended up winning which meant that he beat his time at the ranch from last season when he went home in week 4. During last chance workout, Jillian "picked" on Rudy. I think Rudy would have about a three pound advantage if he'd shave his beard.

At the weigh in, it was inferred that Daniel is playing the game because he didn't lose any weight but had immunity. His game playing doesn't bother me though. He's worked hard to get where he is, and he's a nice kid. Somehow, crackhead Tracey lost four pounds which kept her team on the ranch another week.

Julio fell below the yellow line against Liz and Danny of the brown team. The purple team was split on who to vote for and big shocker, Tracey got her way, so Julio went home. At home, he lost over a hundred pounds, so yay Julio!

This week seemed kind of boring to me, but halfway through the show I had the urge to break out my DDR game for some exercise. There's a product placement..tadah!

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