Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Cleaning and Murphy's Law

Since I've already had two days to loaf off and NaNoWriMo starts tonight ( I'm not going to want to much of anything tomorrow), I decided to be productive and clean the apartment. Besides the basic stuff, I'm also cleaning the carpet, dusting, spraying stuff down with vinegar, and getting organized in areas that weren't previously organized.

I think a cleaning gremlin is trying to thwart my attempts. First, the stopper in the sink broke and stuck in the drain. This is karma biting me because it always happens to Jon and I always give him a hard time about it. But he can usually get it out, and I can't. The water is draining slowly, and I was able to get some dishes done, but I need his help and he's at work, so dishes aren't going to get done.

Then, the filter on the vacuum cleaner is clogged and no matter what I do I can't seem to get it unclogged. I know, it only cost me 15 bucks and it was used and off Craigslist, so I shouldn't expect much, but it was working fine a few days ago. Now that I'm wanting to go the extra mile, it doesn't want to work. Grrrr. I only get in these crazy cleaning moods once in awhile. You'd think my household “equipment” would cooperate with me.

I'm trying to get what I can done besides vacuuming and the sink with little breaks here and there to sit down and read. This was going to be a movie day, but I wasn't feeling it. My house is currently a crazy mix of smells: coffee, carpet cleaner, vinegar, and pumpkin spice candle. I have my main door open to air out the place and it's a nice day. Sunshiny and cool but not freezing and windy like it was yesterday. I have a small dish of candy for anyone who happens to stop by, though I don't anticipate many trick-or-treaters since I live in a basement down a creepy stairwell.

Hope everyone is having a fun Halloween! Be safe!

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