Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Causes: Bowling for Big Brothers/Big Sisters

This post is coming a week late, but better late than never.

Last week, Jon and I joined our friend E and her husband in the local Big Brother/Big Sister bowl-a-thon fundraiser. Though it's been years since I've bowled, this was reminiscent of the fundraisers I did with my sorority for our philanthropy.

E did all of the fundraising. Our part was volunteering to be on her team, though we did pledge some money for the cause. The deal was two hours of bowling or two games, whichever came first. The organizers fed us chips and salsa and pizza and I managed to win a door prize. I opted for a free drink from Bluestem Bistro which I will use when I finally get my butt there for Manhattan SnB night.

I actually won the first game, but my game went downhill in the second game for a few reasons. My arm was fatigued by that time, so I wasn't throwing well at all. If you think bowling isn't a really physical activity, try doing it when you're out of shape. Besides the arm thing, I ended up hurting my knees. Awesome. Instead of finishing my second game, which was turning out to be a gutter game, I let Little D finish it out for me.

All in all, we had a fun time and I was able to get some knitting done between frames and I felt good helping out a good cause.

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