Monday, March 21, 2011

Knitting in Public: At the Bowling Alley

Last week I blogged about the opportunity I took during the Big Brother/Big Sister's bowling event to get some knitting done. Let me say that a game of bowling is perfect for getting a few stitches in. Even if you don't bow out halfway through the second game like I did, when you're playing with several others, the time between your turn is great for getting a couple rows done and still pay attention to what's happening in the game.

My project for this event was a basket weave scarf. This is the first time I've done basket weave. It's a really pretty pattern. After getting part way through it, I wasn't sure if I liked the way the sides ruffled and thought maybe I should have done a garter stitch border. However, now that it's a little longer, I realize that that ruffled look is actually kind of charming.

That yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease from my stash. It knits up well and is nice and soft. This picture not only shows the project, but also some of the hazards one might face when knitting at a bowling alley: grease and beer. However, no projects were dirtied in the making of this KIP. Just proceed with caution if you're going to mix the elements.

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