Friday, July 2, 2010

Aha! Moments

I’m in the process of changing positions at my job and while I was the one who made the decision to do it, I always find that training for a new job/position/duty is extremely uncomfortable. In general, I like learning new things. It’s like school…the initial idea that I’m going to inherit a new wealth of info seems awesome. I have mental images of fresh notebooks, new pens, early class coffee mugs and…in the workplace…new cubicle decorations.

By the second week of college, the new class honeymoon was over. By the second day of training, I was wondering what the heck I was thinking.

Today, though, I had an “aha” moment and was reminded of just how cool it is to suddenly have new information make sense. What was once a crazy disarray of information fell into place. Synapses connected. The process suddenly “clicked” and I had that feeling of accomplishment even though I didn’t actually do anything except learn it.

I like knowing my job. I like not having the stress of confusion or the worry of making horrible mistakes. If I do make a mistake, I like knowing how to fix it and I like doing great things with my massive knowledge. But I also like having something to strive for and I love the process of letting the new puzzle pieces of a new job come together in my mind.


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