Saturday, July 10, 2010

May the Force Be With You

This past week we watched the complete series of Star Wars movies. Contrary to popular suggestion, we started with Episode 1 and went in chronological order rather than order of release. I'd seen the originals before, but it had been years and I didn't remember much about them. To tell the truth, I never really understood what was going in the storyline. I knew that Vader was Luke's father, Leia was his sister, Yoda talked funny, and Han Solo had a large wookie. I also watched The Phantom Menace a couple times in college, but didn't remember much about that either.

The first three of the order (Episodes 1-3) are nowhere near as good as Episodes 4-6. In fact, "Attack of the Clones" was horrible and besides the Dooku/Yoda fight scene, a complete waste of time. Overall though, I'm glad I watched them. J and Drew kept me up on what was going on and I managed to follow the storyline. After the first three, I was able to watch the originals with no problem and actually knew what was going on.

What I loved: The fight scenes were great. My favorite, besides the one mentioned above, was Obi-Wan and Grievous. I liked the relationship  between Han and Leia. Yoda's awesome pop culture reputation didn't disappoint.

What I hated: The Anakin/Padme relationship was like a bad soap opera. Padme went from being awesome to just being whiny. Anakin had a few good moments when he was 10 and then it all went downhill from there. The acting between those two was horrible and Anakin was just an annoying, whiny character in general. Jar Jar Binks seemed fairly pointless.

The first three get an average grade of B-. The second three get an A.

Extra credit: I know have more pop culture reerences.


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