Saturday, July 24, 2010

Countdown to Gen Con

In just a little over a week, J and I will be road tripping to Indianapolis for the four day gaming extravaganza known as Gen Con. I've only heard stories about how huge this thing is, but I don't doubt it. It's a big deal. Friends of ours go every year and this year, J and I decided to go as a bit of a late honeymoon.

We both have several things planned already. Both of us are doing one of the True Dungeon events, and I am doing both of them with my friend and honorary GC tour guide. We're registered for a DnD for Cash event, another tournament, a few seminars, and Hickman's Killer Breakfast. I've also signed up for some shows and J will be doing a few Magic: The Gathering drafts. I've got Hentai Dubbing on the agenda (think MST3K, but racy) and he's attending a Nerdcore concert.

Yes, people...this is going to be awesome!

However, I am a little worried about my nasty little social anxiety problem which has gotten worse in the last few years. It's not a constant thing, but large groups of people tend to make me panicky and claustrophobic and if ever I was going to be immersed in a crowd, Gen Con is that time. Thankfully, I'll be armed with happy pills and knitting to keep me as mellow as possible, plus the comfort of hanging with people I already know.

I'm hoping to get to meet a few fellow Twitterers and bloggers, so if anyone out there is going, let me know and we'll make plans to palaver over some d20s.


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