Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Keep On Keepin' On

Today, I reunite with Blogger.

I decided to stop using this platform, partially because I didn't have much to talk about and partially because Tumblr seemed to offer alot more. After my hiatus, I've realized that Tumblr offers different things, but not necessarily "more." I like Tumblr, I really do. It's like having a little online scrapbook. But I can also blog here and post links to Tumblr if I want and vice versa, so it might not hurt to get back into Blogging on a better known platform.

On a good note, I haven't changed up my hobbies much, though I have learned more in my time away. 1. In knitting, I've learned cabling, double knitting, and socks.
2. I'm still reading and have kicked out a bunch of good books and some not so good books.
3. Writing is slow but it happens here and there.
4. I'm gaming every other week and actually running a game, which is fun.
5. I've also revisited some video games for the first time since my days on the first Nintendo system. J has an XBox 360 and I've become a fan of the Lego games as well as a few other platform type adventures.
6. I'm cooking here and there, though baking has been put on a backburner.
7. I'm using my knitting time to catch up on TV shows and movies from Netflix. I've been cable TV-free for over a year and don't miss it. In fact, a few months back we stayed in a hotel room with cable and complained about not having our Netflix Instant Viewer.
8. I have a love for podcasts and have found quite a few good ones, mostly about knitting but a few humor ones, a reading one, and a gaming one.

Can I promise I'm going to be an avid blogger? Not really. I'm kind of flaky when it comes to blogging, but I am going to use this one more in the scheme of things. You'd think with such a list of things I do I would have more to talk about. I'll still keep my Tumblr account too and there may possibly be a podcast of my own in the future.


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